Business Valuation, Quantification & Consulting

We carry out business valuations, financial quantifications, and business consulting for purposes of sale, dispute, divorce, tax planning, and business performance improvement.  We are open and engage all sides of any given matter. Our ultimate goal is to help clients fair useful solution and reach fair resolutions.

Our firm has the advantage of expert knowledge in the valuation of businesses and real estate, and we understand the relationship between the two.

Our multifaceted team carries out business valuation, financial quantification, and consulting services, for numerous purposes:

  • Corporate Divorce
  • Guideline Income Calculation
  • Marital Assets Calculation
  • Fairness Opinions
  • Business Performance Consulting
  • Operational Efficiency Consulting
  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Business Interruption
  • Goodwill Impairment
  • Tax Planning
  • Buy/Sell
  • Mergers
  • Partnership Buyout and Buy In
  • Management Structuring

Business Valuation

Our team has valued a wide spectrum of organizations, ranging in value from five-hundred thousand to twenty-five million dollars, within all major industries, throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Examples of the types of organizations our team has valued include: oil and gas service operations, advanced oilfield technologies, construction companies, engineering firms, forestry product production, law firms, newly created agricultural technologies, mobile apps, gravel pit operations, home builders, restaurants, land and home developers, film and video ventures, transportation companies, dispatch and transportation communication companies, vehicle dealerships, pharmacies, dental and dental specialty practices, gas stations, disaster clean up, electrical service, welding and metal fabricating, machine shops, mechanic shops, retail businesses, and others.

Financial Quantification

We provide quantification services for purposes of breach of contract/agreement, business interruption, breach of patent/copyright, calculation of income, and other purposes.  At this time, we do not calculate damages for personal injury.


Financial Consulting

We provide consulting for companies based on their needs.  We see behind the curtain and discuss operations with numerous business owners. This means we have the inside track on what makes a business successful. One of our most common services is efficiency consulting, where we analyze the expenses of a given company and compare those to peers within the industry.  We also provide consulting for the purpose of sale and transition, capital structure management/change, human resources, and a range of other business needs. Our access to public and private data bases provides us with multiple view points from which we can analyze your company.