Agriculture Real Estate Appraisals

Our agricultural appraisers and our Professional Agrologist have extensive knowledge in appraising all types of agricultural properties. We provide market value appraisals for purchasing and selling purposes, mortgage financing purposes, in the field of litigation, new construction, or consultation in these areas. Our commercial and agricultural team has the experience and knowledge to appraise:

  • Agricultural Lands
  • Grain Operations
  • Cattle Operations
  • Intensive Livestock Operations
  • Hobby Farms
  • Fertilizer and Chemical Dealerships
  • Feed mills
  • Country Residential Properties and Acreages
  • Future Urban Development Lands

We provide consulting services (Professional Real Estate Advice/Consulting) in the area of losses and damages to agricultural operations. We are a trusted name in the area of real estate appraisal that our customers look to. Our team of agricultural real estate appraisers provides real estate and consulting services in the area of mortgage financing, development, litigation, estates, purchase/sale and various other uses.